MAY 2017 Newsletter

Edward Jost Children’s Centre

May 2017 Newsletter

Sunny Sunshine

In order to protect your child from receiving a sunburn, we are asking all parents to start putting sunscreen on their children before they bring them to daycare for the day. We will reapply many times throughout the day. With both the teachers and parents working together your child will receive the best sun care possible. Please be sure that what you use on your child is scent free as we have many friends and teachers with allergies.

For Shade Slip on a Hat We are asking all parents to purchase and send in a bucket hat with your child daily. Bucket hats provide more coverage over the head, shoulders and neck area of the body. Bucket hats also help shade your child’s eyes, and are the type of hat that was recommended from our health officer to our Safety Officer at the last workshop. The health officer also states that for protection from the sun, children should wear shirts that have some type of sleeve.

These Feet are made For Walking – Please be sure that you are sending your child with proper foot wear. All parents should take note that we do not allow flip flops in the centre as they are a safety hazard and do not offer the feet proper protection. Children may come in with crocs and sandals with straps that do up behind the heel. We also ask that you send your child in sneakers on field trip days; this allows them to travel safely on the outing.

Change of Clothes – Please be sure that you are providing your child with a few changes of clothes a day. At this time we would like to offer a friendly reminder that all dirty and soiled clothes must be taken home daily.

A reminder to all parents that your children are to be signed in by 9:30am if they are attending for the day. This allows the children to take part in morning snack and activities. The cook needs to know her daily numbers so she can make enough food for all attending that day. As we get nicer weather your child’s classroom may head out for an early field trip, so be sure to read all notes as you sign out your child daily. If your child is not here to join their group before they leave for the field trip, you will have to catch up with the group on their trip to sign in.

Fundraising Auction and BBQ – Saturday May 6thCome join us on Saturday May 6th from 4:00pm-7:00pm for our Fundraising Auction and BBQ at the Spryfield Legion. There is a $5 admission for adults and free for children. There will be many wonderful items up for auction in our ticket auction. Tickets are 10 for $5.00 and the more tickets you have in a prize lot, the better chances you have for winning that item. Our Live Auction begins at 6:00pm. There will be fun and games for the little ones like Fish Ponds and Sucker Pulls. All funds raised will be put towards programming and materials for the Edward Jost Children’s Centre and the Edward Jost Annex.

Dates to Remember:

  • Monday May 22 Victoria Day – We are closed for the day
  • Graduation Day – This year’s graduation ceremonies will take place on:
  • Panda & Owl Class: Wednesday May 31 at 10:00am
  • Bumblebee & Butterfly Class: Friday June 9 at 10:00am

Parents of the graduates are asked to please bring your child dressed and ready to go between 9:45 and 9:55.

All ceremonies will take place in the Annex Cafeteria

Join us for the ceremonies and a celebration with fruit water and cake afterwards. Be sure to invite anyone who is important in the life of your child. Remember your cameras and tissues as your child starts their next journey on to primary school.


This year our family BBQ and annual general meeting will be held on Thursday June 15 at 4:30pm. Join us for food, RAZZMATAZZ, and a whole lot of fun. This is one of the big events of the year so be sure to mark it on your calendar. Keep your eyes open for more information as we get closer to the special day. The AGM will take place at 6:00 (we will start at 5:30 if everyone is ready by then); all parents are encouraged to attend. We will be offering child care for those parents who are attending the meeting.

Keep your eyes open during the first few days of May. Your children’s classrooms will be hatching Painted Lady butterflies!